Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Shift Culture

Changing the Culture of a company is as hard as a person’s change of habits. It’s like quiting smoking, starting to exercise or eating a healthy diet. “It takes a Herculean strength”

When CEOs and executives start feeling that things are getting out of hand, that their employees are not involved or committed as they used to be,  they also start to see a decrease in revenue, and that is when they usually realize about the need to change habits in leadership and in the entire company.

When seeking a Cultural Shift, first and most importantly, is to recognize the beliefs and values that are being observed as not working in a productive way or are counteractive with the expected behaviors that make the company grow and thrive, as not all cultural attributes are in need of change. This attributes are the advantage that had kept the company’s identity and competence.
Also recognizing the unwanted outcomes helps to see the behaviors that are leading to them. This is key if a Culture Shift is the goal.

A very interesting and most useful tool for Culture Shift is to involve everyone in the organization, listening and recognizing their need to be heard and also take part of the new culture. Delineating the new values and behaviors that are going to lead your company to achieve its vision should be a fun and enriching way to learn about  each other, value each other’s opinion and keep in mind that everybody has a valid point. This will shape the organization and will make it become a team working together for the same goals.

Veronica Waid.

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