Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Corporate Culture Consultants Reduce Headaches and Employee Turnover

Employee turnover costs companies billions of dollars a year.  By working on your culture you will improve retention an average of 65% or better. 

Let's do the math.  On average employee turnover costs are 50% to 400% of the employees yearly salary.  This does not include your pain and suffering if you are the one losing people.  Let's say that you lose 5 people at $50,000 per year and because of training put in your loss is 100% of the yearly salary.  That is $250,000 lost.  If you retain 3 out of 5 = 65% (and you will probably retain all 5 with a great culture) you will save yourself $150,000 a year. 

If you spend $25,000 working on your culture a year with a Culture Consultant that leaves you with (in the example above) at least $125,000 more, not to mention your sanity.

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