Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Why Do Sales Cultures Outperform Sales Processes?

Sales processes that include handling objections are good.  Sales Cultures Where Handling Objections Are Part of Your Sales DNA Are Great.  Most popular sales processes that companies spend millions of dollars on, are never made part of the selling culture and therefore become a waste of resources and time. Investing in sales culture programs that work on the sales purpose, daily values and behaviors of your salesforce and sales leaders are best if you want lasting results and a high return on investment from your sales training.

A "selling purpose" other than money will help your salesforce on the "why" they are selling your goods or services, versus the end result which is to make a profit. If you focus on the "why" the "how" and "what" will come. For instance, the difference between a medical device sales representative trying to meet their sales quota and the one that wants to help his fellow employees, family, friends and even the world have "mobility without pain" is that one is expired (when the number is hit or not) where the other is inspired (to keep people buying her/his solution). Inspired people will commit and deliver.

A selling culture that involves the value of having "great people skills" will also outperform the "number-driven process salesperson" as all things being equal we tend to buy from people we like. Most sales processes are heavy on the methodology and light on the people part. Having "great people skills" becomes a part of your culture and strategy (your sustainable and/or unique competitive advantage). This is a great way to tie culture to strategy for a great ROI.

The behaviors of people with great people skills include "smiling with teeth" a behavior that if exhibited everyday will also help to achieve the sales number as positive attitudes tend to get positive outcomes. There are many specific behaviors you can tie to having great people skills and it is the daily behavior of your people that really matters and not just the process they follow or not.

In conclusion, focus on your sales culture versus just a sales process as it will give you much better results. These results will outlast your competitors who focusing on processes versus "on people and how they behave."


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