Thursday, November 23, 2017

Culture Matters More than Strategy

Culture matters more than strategy.  If the culture does not want to do it, it does not matter what strategy you have.  Companies big and small are realizing that focusing on culture is not a "nice to have" anymore, "it is a need to have." 

Culture is often misunderstood as a large and scary undertaking that is hard to measure and even harder to change. While culture does take work it is very possible to change the culture by changing the mindsets and behaviors of the leaders and instilling the right values and daily behaviors in your organization. When a great leader comes into an organization the culture starts to change for the better because of the values and daily behaviors that are set as an example for others.

Culture has a huge payoff if you invest in it and are diligent about keeping it as your focus. Although structure and strategy have to align with the culture for best results, the culture needs to be the first priority as without the will of the people the structure and strategy can collapse. As illustrated above a focus on culture can lead to more effort, much higher creativity and 37% more sales.

68% of employees surveyed say their culture needs improvement. Culture Consultants and Trainers help your leaders and salesforce focus on culture as the main driver of results.  Are you investing in culture as much as you should or are employee turnover, customer complaints, low engagement and other symptoms plaguing your operations? Culture matters more than you think and small investments in this area can produce amazing results.

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