Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Eat Mor Culture

Some leaders focus on strategy.  Fewer devote time to structure.  Even fewer start with company culture.  Like in life we tend to start with the most clear and then go to the what is more fuzzy.  We start with “what” (strategy), then “how” (structure), and then “why” (corporate culture).  Said in another way we start with what we feel is the easiest (but is it really and does it bring us the best results?). 

Leaders that know start with company culture.  Corporate culture is about people, their values/attitudes and behaviors.  Culture is about soft skills and relating to your front line (where the money is made).  Culture-Driven Leaders are not on the show “Undercover Boss”, because everyone knows them and they know everyone.  Culture-Driven leaders are the ones others are willing to follow, voluntarily.

Are you a leader that is loved and respected or one that is feared?  Do people love to see you or run away?  The leaders that know, start with people and focus on company culture.    

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