Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mom's tips to her teenage daughter on dealing with Peer Pressure.

Peer pressure, we all have heard about it, talked about it and most probably been on one side or the other of the equation. So what is it about it that we can't handle and/or end up hostages over it?

As we grow up, specially during our teenage years, our personality is still forming, we know who we are and what we want and we also feel a great need to show our friends that we care for them, that we agree, we are cool and most of all, our sense of belonging is at stake. We need to belong, be part of the cool crowd. The question is then how should you manage it in a way you can avoid a situation in which you may end up needing help or where you are exposed and can end up getting in trouble?

Here are some good tips:

* Create a special bond with someone you love, who is an outsider of the group. Someone who has no interest other than your well-being. It could be your mom, dad, grandpa,aunt even that good teacher at school.

* Think that even if you feel "obliged" to act for the crowd, it's smart not to do so and also sets a good example on how to be a person with standards and integrity.

* Don't be so hard on yourself. Life presents itself with many challenges and the sooner we learn how to handle them in a healthy way, the better.

* Always keep in mind that a real good friend will support you and encourage you in any decision that makes you happy and stronger.

Veronica Waid


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