Saturday, January 28, 2017

How to Create a Culture-Driven Company

Improving employee engagement and performance comes from being culture-driven.  If you work for a true culture-driven company you are probably happy.  A culture-driven company tends to have high morale, low turnover, and excellent results.  Culture driven companies tend to be best places to work.  Companies like Zappos, Chik-fil-A, Google, Delta Airlines and others are culture-driven companies.

What is a culture-driven company?  A company led by people who “live” the attitudes, values and behaviors of great people/leaders, and hire, retain, train and hold people accountable, tend to be culture-driven companies.  They are companies with people who have good values and the right behaviors and attitudes.  Most important, they are the companies where the leaders focus on the people and care about them.

What is the easiest way to tell if you are at a culture-driven company?  If you are generally happy with work and the people you work with actually like and respect your leaders, then you are probably in a culture-driven company.  If you do not like going to work, you may not be in a culture-driven company.

Why are most companies not culture-driven?  Most leaders in companies focus on strategy and structure.  Although these areas are important, the people are the most important and not enough attention is paid in this area.  Strategy and structure are rational items.  Dealing with people involves dealing with emotions.  This is an area where many leaders underachieve.

So if culture-driven companies are so much better than others, then what can company’s do to change?  Leaders need to understand the importance of culture first and be willing to get trained or retrained in culture.  Corporate culture consultants and trainers are best suited to do this type of work.

As you go through 2017, think about finding out and investing in culture training for your leaders.  It will improve your employee engagement and performance and even your bottom line. 


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